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I'm a female creative 50+ who likes the colour purple, fluffy kittens and dragons and all shiny things in between.
A typical creative mind with tons of ideas just waiting to burst out.
Have a look around the website and Facebook page and you'll see what I mean. Lincs are on the contact page.
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My TV and Filming career is growing again. After giving it all up in 2001, my husband decided to put 'be in a film' on his bucket list so in 2012 off we went to London to be Zombies in a film called Cockneys v's Zombies. It was a great day full of laughs and being covered in fake blood n flesh was also unusually fun too.
Since then we have done other films and even a photo shoot dressed in 60's gear and I got to wear a brunette bob wig which everyone said I suited. With my unruly cury hair I could never have a style like that it wouldn't last the day. lol.

I also passed my audition to work on create and craft to do crafting demos but nothing came of it from the company I demo for but the first step is clear if anyone else wants me to do filming for their products. The link to my Star Now profile is on the contacts page.

What you still doing here? Go explore.